Chiropractic Testimonials

Jeri was having neck, shoulder, and back pain resulting in lack of sleep and irritability. She was seeing a different chiropractor for a year with no results. She felt helpless until her friend sent her to We Care Chiropractic. Now Jeri has NO neck, shoulder, or back pain! She is sleeping well, has a great range of motion in her spine, and has more energy.

"I just feel so good."

- Jeri

Jeffry suffered from serious allergies and allergy induced asthma throughout his first four years of life. Prior to coming to We Care Chiropractic, Jeffry had been in the emergency room four times for his breathing. He had been on nebulizers like crazy and was taking drugs everyday. Since he has been at We Care Chiropractic, he has not been on a nebulizer, has had no trips to the emergency room, and is off all of his medication! Way to go Jeffry!

"Before I started care at We Care Chiropractic, I was tired and ached all of the time. My shoulder hurt and I had a constant stabbing in my back. After getting adjusted regularly, I have a lot more energy. I am not as tired anymore and my back doest hurt AT ALL! The key is coming in faithfully. For example, my knee was going out of place a lot after starting here and now it is gone...You need to keep coming in because it is a healing process. People want to quit because there are not always immediate results, but it's a healing process being there."

- Darcy

"Having headaches since teenage years, and now

- Anonymous

"Quality care for young children and families!"

- Anonymous

"Understanding your test results and information on maximized living!"

- Anonymous

"No more pain medication for neck and shoulder pain!"

- Anonymous

"No more daily medication!"

- Anonymous

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