Q&A With Dr. Spence On Chiropractic Care

Q&A With Dr. Spence Jahner of We Care.

Who Should Get Their Spine Checked?

There’s two requirements needed for you to get your spine checked. One is you need to have a spine, and two is you have to be alive. If you have a spine and you’re alive, you should get checked.

You might think, well, animals have spines. Well, guess what? Animals respond really well to chiropractic care as well. One of my best friends and the chiropractor that takes care of me works on a lot of horses, dogs, and cats. You should get your spine checked no matter your age. Just like if you have teeth and you’re alive, you should take care of your teeth. If you have muscles and you’re alive, you should be exercising.

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What Makes Us Different?

We use different technology, systems, and goals than most chiropractic care you may have received. The first thing that makes us different is our analysis. Before we do any work on people’s spines, we want to make sure we have as much data and information as possible to give people the best care. We have technology here in Bozeman that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Montana.

EMG and Thermography

One technology we use is EMG, electromyography. EMG measures the stress of the nerves that go to your muscle. We also use thermography, which measures nerve stress of the autonomic nervous system or the nerves that go to your organs. Another tool we use in our office is X-ray and we have digital x-ray.

One thing that makes us unique is we have the only motion x-ray machine in Montana where we can look at the spine in motion. People often ask me, how valuable is that?

Let me give an analogy. If you took your car to a mechanic and took the keys with you, it would be really hard for the mechanic to know what was wrong with it without being able to see it run. The same is true with chiropractic care. It is much more efficient if we can look at the spine in motion. We can find problems that others can’t find on regular x-rays or on MRIs because we see things in motions.

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Relief Care vs. Chiropractic Care

Most people, from my experience that come into our office, have had a chiropractic experience throughout their lives for relief. They go to the chiropractor when they’re hurt and they hope to feel better.

Relief Care vs. Chiropractic Care

The problem is, so many of the spines we look at from people that do relief care are in a lot of trouble. They have degeneration. Their structure is horrible, and their bodies are getting weaker and weaker.

One way to know if you have only received relief care is if you used to go to a chiropractor once a year, then you needed to go once a month, and now you need to go every other week. The problem keeps getting worse.

What we do in this office is we want people to feel better because their spines are getting corrected. In fact, sometimes when we’re correcting people’s spines, their spines initially hurt more.

An analogy. Think about correcting your teeth. I had to wear braces for two years, and guess how many hours a day my braces were working on my teeth? Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for two years. Guess what it felt like every time they adjusted my wires, my teeth hurt more. Having teeth corrected sometimes hurts worse, before they are better.

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How Many Visits Are Necessary?

Every patient wants me to fix their spine in one visit. Let’s go back to our analogy. It would be like going to an orthodontist with crooked teeth and saying, “I want you to pop my teeth back into alignment so my teeth are straight.” That would be ridiculous. Yet people think you can go to chiropractors and get their bones back into alignment in one visit. That doesn’t happen.

The purpose of an adjustment is to get life energy flowing through the nerves so the muscle tone can change. When the muscle tone changes over a year’s time or month’s time, the spine can actually start to shift and change and get corrected. That’s the difference between actually getting your spine corrected and just getting relief.

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Why Do I Need To Keep Going To The Chiropractor?

I want to put a unique twist on this. Thirty-plus years ago, I started going to a chiropractor because my spine was messed up. I went to the right chiropractor, and they corrected my spine. How do I know? My x-rays got better, and my nerve scans got better. But once my spine got corrected, if I didn’t keep taking care of it, what’s would have happened? I would have lost it.

I’ve been getting my spine checked weekly for the last thirty years by some amazing chiropractors here in Bozeman. To help you understand the concept of going all the time, let me ask you a question.

You believe exercise is valuable.

You go to the gym and you hire a personal trainer. They coach you on how to get your body ripped and your muscles healthy. You follow their advice and do the program. As a result, you get healthy. Now if you asked the trainer “How long do I need do this?” I’m pretty sure he would say, “How long do you want to have this good body?” It’s something you must do the rest of your life.Now, I don’t think that personal trainers are salesman. Yet, when we as chiropractors tell people this, they often say, you’re a good salesman.

What if you went to a nutritionist and they coached you on how to eat healthy?

As a result, you started following their advice, and you got healthier. Now what if you went back to them and said, “I’ve been eating all this good food. How long do I need to do this?” I’m sure they would say, “When do you want to stop getting results?” You must do it for the rest of your life.

You go to a pastor and talk about all the challenges you have in your life and he suggests you pray and your life got better.

Then you go back to him and say, “My life is a lot better. When can I stop?” I’m sure he would smile and say, “If you want the benefits, you need to do it for the rest of your life.”

I want you to know it’s truly out of love and care that I want you all to be going to chiropractors the rest of your lives. I want to make sure your nerves are healthy and keep them healthy. This is what I would want for my kids, for the people I love the most, and for you.

Please understand one thing.

Going to chiropractors to get checked regularly doesn’t mean for you to get your back popped regularly. This makes us really different as well. We do nerve scans every visit here at We Care. We find people daily that don’t need an adjustment. It’s as important to leave those people alone and don’t adjust them, as it is to adjust them when they do need it. I would never have wanted a chiropractor messing with my children’s spine unless they needed it, and there’s no way to know if they need it without doing the nerve scans.

Let’s Talk About Pain

Pain is a very hard thing to understand. I want to share the true story about my dad. My dad is one reason I got into chiropractic. I grew up on a farm in North Dakota. My dad quit farming due to back pain. When I had just started chiropractic college, my dad called me and said, “Spence, will you be able to fix my back? Because if you can’t, I’m going to have back surgery. My lower back is killing me.”

He had gone to some chiropractors and acupuncturist. Everybody said his lower back was messed up. They had him scheduled for surgery. At that point in my education, I had not even looked at a spine yet, but I thank God for a guy named Dr. Vern Pierce that came and talked to our college about correcting people’s spines. He taught me things I didn’t know were possible. I thought you just went to a chiropractor and got your back popped, and you felt better. When I learned about correcting spines, it intrigued me. I learned from Dr. Pierce a lot of what we do in this office.

When my dad called me and asked me if I could fix him, I right away told him, “No, I have zero experience, but there’s a chiropractor from Pennsylvania that I think is amazing.” He said something that blew me away. My dad said, “So do you think if I flew from North Dakota to Pennsylvania this chiropractor could help me?”

Now, I want to tell you something. He’s not one of these guys that spent a lot of money on his health. In fact, getting him to spend $5 on his health took a lot. So for somebody to consider buying a plane ticket, flying to see a chiropractor, states away, I knew how serious my dad was about his pain.

I called Dr. Pierce, and my dad flew to Pennsylvania. Here’s the unique twist about this story. They analyzed my dad’s spine and the nervous system, like we do in this office. They had motion x-ray, and guess where they found my dad’s major problem was with his spine and his nerves. It wasn’t in his lower back; it was in his neck.

Motion X-Rays

Dr. Pierce worked on my dad for the course of a week and that they sent him back to North Dakota. And guess what? My dad went 40 years without ever having to have a back surgery. He could golf and enjoy life. I share this with you for several reasons. Where was his pain? His lower back. Where was his problem? His neck. So, are you going to a doctor to treat your pain? That’s what happens when we take drugs. Drugs don’t fix the problem. They just cover up the pain.

Another analogy I like to give you about pain. Think of pain being like the oil light coming on in your car. What is pain? It’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Just like when your oil light comes on in your car, it’s your car’s way of telling you something’s wrong.

How insane would it be if you took your car to a mechanic, and you said, “Hey, I got a problem. My oil light’s on in my car.” The mechanic says, “Okay, get out of your car. Are you talking about that light right there?“ And you’re like, “yep, that’s the one.” He goes, “Okay, I see the problem,” and he reaches in his pocket and he pulls out a can of black spray paint. He paints over the light and says, “Okay, there you go.” You can’t see the light anymore. You probably think the mechanic was off his rocker.

If you’re taking pills to mask your pain, that’s doing the same thing. It’s a sign of an underlying problem. If you don’t fix the underlying problem, you’re never going to experience true health and you’re just going to keep getting worse. The answer shouldn’t be to not feel pain, the answer should be to correct your spine. That’s what we do here at We Care. Please call us at 406-586-3544 and let’s get healing happening. This is Dr. Spence. Have a great day.

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