Optimal Spine Health – 4 Essentials Your Body Needs

Optimal Spine Health

Why Does My Spine Look So Terrible?

One of the most common questions I get asked when I put up patients’ x-rays, test results, and nerve scans is, “Why does my spine look so terrible?” I then ask, “Why do you think your spine looks so terrible?” The most common answer I get is, “I’m getting old or my genetics.”

The thing that I find so interesting about those two answers is how convenient they are. Age and genetics are two things that we have no control over. You can’t control your age and you can’t control your genetics. How convenient that we can blame something that’s not under our control. So, what can we do to achieve optimal spine health?

When Should You Get Your Spine Checked?

Let’s talk about when should you start getting your spine checked? Well, when should you start brushing your teeth? I hope the answer is as soon as you get teeth. When should you start exercising your muscles? I would hope as soon as you’re born. When should you start eating good? Well, as soon as you’re born. When should you start taking care of your spine? As soon as you’re born. (Learn more about pediatric chiropractic care.)

What do your littles look like in their carseats?

One reason kids need to be checked is first, the birth process itself. Another huge factor for those of you that are parents. What does it look like when the kids sleep in the car seat, right? Their heads are down and it’s cranking on their spines. Sleeping in car seats is hard on the spine. Learning how to walk. Kids fall on their tailbones thousands of times. These are just some of the reasons we need to check kids.

It’s very important that we check kids. It doesn’t mean kids need to be adjusted. Something we do at We Care Chiropractic is nerve scans on our patients every visit. Often kids’ nerve scans look great and they don’t need an adjustment. It’s not so important that you get your kids adjusted regularly. It’s that you get your kids checked regularly. If they have subluxations, and their nerves aren’t working well, their bodies can’t develop healthily. They can’t have optimal function. We check kids all the time by doing nerve scans and we make sure we get those kids adjusted so they can develop healthy bodies and optimal spine health.

There Are Four Essential Things That Your Bodies Need To Function Properly.

Four Essentials For Our Bodies To Function Properly

Food – Our bodies need good nutrition.

Water – Our bodies need water.

Oxygen – Our bodies need oxygen.

Food, air, and water are three of the four essential things our bodies need to function properly.

Our heart is so important because it delivers the food, air, and water to all our body parts. Having a healthy heart and healthy blood flow is critical for optimal spine health.

Meet Sean

To help you understand the fourth essential, I want to share a true story about a good friend of mine named Sean. Sean eats great food, he drinks lots of water, and he exercises. He gets oxygen to all of his tissue. He’s doing great at the three essentials mentioned above.

You, on the other hand, don’t have time for exercise. You like your Diet Coke and coffee, and you like your McDonald’s and fruit snacks.

If you could be you or Sean, who would you rather be from a health perspective in this example? I would hope most of you would say I’d rather be Sean. Now, let me tell you, like Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story about Sean.

Sean dove into the water and when he hit the water; he went down and hit the bottom and broke his neck. It paralyzed Sean from the neck down. Now I want you to rethink. Sean eats well in his wheelchair. He exercises in his wheelchair. Sean plays basketball every day, and he drinks lots of water. Be honest, would you rather be Sean doing those three essentials great? Or would you rather be you not doing so great on the three essentials? I’ve had nobody to say they’d rather be Sean.

Water, Oxygen, Food and Nerve Energy

What Is The Fourth Essential?

What do you have that Sean doesn’t have that makes you give up the other three essentials? The fourth essential is nerve energy. Your nervous system has life energy flowing through the nerves. Sean no longer does because of the damage to his spinal cord. The fourth essential we need for our bodies to function is food, air, water, and nerve supply.

In fact, to help you understand which one is the most important, let’s revisit those four essentials. Which one can you live the longest without? Well, if you said foods, you’re right. I don’t know the exact number of days, but some people do a 40-day fast. You can live without food much longer. How long can you live without water? A lot less time than food. How long can you live without oxygen? Maybe a few minutes? I think the Navy Seals can hold their breath a long time.

How Long Can Someone Live Without Nerve Energy?

If we cut a nerve to anybody part, that body part will immediately die. The nervous system is so critical. Most people take the health of their heart seriously, but most people don’t have a clue how important it is to take care of your spine and your nerves.

That’s why at We Care Chiropractic we take the time to analyze patient’s spines to measure their nerves. We have two valuable pieces of equipment that measure nerve function, EMG and thermography. We would like to do that for you so you can see where you’re at. If we can get life returning to all your organs, muscles, and body parts sooner than later, you get to enjoy life sooner than later.

One of the greatest benefits of being healthy is hopefully you can live life better. I believe another benefit of being healthy is so you can die better. My wish for every patient is that they live like a candle burning brightly and then one day just flicker out and die.

Advantages Of Healthy Living

I believe a healthy body can just function and then one day leave. This is better than watching people whose bodies are very sick and diseased. Often death isn’t an event, it’s a process that happens over years. I believe a healthy body has the potential to die healthy as well. When you neglect your health, and it’s malfunctioning, not only do you miss out on life, I believe it can cause death to be a much more miserable experience.

One advantage of being healthy is that hopefully death is a more of an event versus process. I would love that for everybody. The good news is it isn’t your age and genetics that your test results look the way it does.

The number one reason your spine and nerves look the way they do is because of your lifestyle choices. The good news is if you change your lifestyle, you can change your spine. You can change your health, and we’re here to coach you through that.

The first thing is to get an evaluation to find out where you’re at, and then let us coach you through on how to get that improved. Our number is 406-586-3544. Call us here at We Care Chiropractic so we can help you.

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